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London Audition and The Lady in the Van (15th-22nd August)

This time last week I was in London watching the Royal Shakespeare Companies, The Tempest. Wow what a show that was, I was expecting the technology to be incredible because the RSC teamed up with intel but the acting was impeccable. Then again it is the RSC, it's going to be good. I hadn't seen the Tempest prior but I can honestly say it is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays.

Then after a couple of cocktails with friends it was back to where I was staying the night to prepare for my audition the next morning.

I got up early to hit the busy London tubes from Homerton to Kennington. I arrived early and got to witness the morning dog walks, the fitness fanatics and children playing in the beautiful park, located besides my audition location.

The audition went really well, it was only 20 minutes but I got to meet a lovely director and a very talented cast of Awful Aunty.

I was reflecting on my audition and the one thing I got out more than anything from it, was I got confirmation from a professional in the industry, I can actually do well and succeed as an Actor if I want to!

On my way back from London I accepted a job as stage crew on The Lady in the Van at the Royal Theatre In Bath. It's so lovely being around the theatre, I may not be on stage as an actor but I get to see incredible actors, directors, technicians work in a professorial environment and it's just so exciting for me!!

Now 18 performances to go before it finishes... I'm still not bored of the show. I think that proves how amazing the show and the actors are!

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