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Take 2!

I’m performing again! And I thought I would do it the easier way. Doing an original piece, performed by just myself and directed by myself! Let’s hope this pays off. I’m so grateful for the piece Douglas Murdoch has written for me, he has done an awesome job in tackling a different side to “the topic” discussed in the piece, a side that many people go through.

‘Callum hasn’t seen Libby in years. But it’s her eighteenth so when his parents leave, Callum gets out the camera. He’s on the verge of tracking his sister down, but a he gets closer, he has to face the truth that she may not be the person he grew up with’.

If you’re interested in an evening of entertainment with Between Creatives and their creative friends, then buy your tickets for the event here…


Now for my second big update. I’m sprinting back to education. Yes, I said it, I’m going back. Why you ask? Well there are many reasons. Having always being in education since I was 5 years old you would think I would have had enough but after graduating last year, I really miss it. I think I may even miss doing essays.

Directing is a big passion of mine and something I want to pursue as a career alongside my Acting. From research, doing a masters in directing will give the amount of experience I can gain in 3/4 years independently, in 1 year with the masters. Experience is the key to getting connections and connections is the key to getting more work. It is these connections I can gain for the reason I’m doing the masters at Bath spa.

I’m so excited! Be prepared for many posts about my journey to becoming a Director. I am starting now so I can hit the ground running in September when the course starts :D

Anyway, that’s all for this post. I have many more coming your way :D

Remember guys this isn’t just my creative adventure it’s ours. Collaboration is key!!!

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